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An enchanting moment with our elegant hostesses!

In the City of Lights, the bartending profession is still a very masculine affair, with 73% men. At the Grand Hôtel, the same percentage holds true, although our head bartender is the lovely and talented Soizic Le Mercier. She oversees a passionate bartending team composed of twenty-five men and four women: Marion, Charnande, Elodie and Laura.

At the Grand Hôtel bar, under Soizic’s supportive leadership, these four women demonstrate their skill by handling myriad flavours of liqueurs, and enhancing blends of nectars from the everyday to the exotic.

They greet you with a smile and provide impeccable service, two good reasons to sidle up to the Bar!

Elodie and Laura joined the team fairly recently and benefit from the experience of Marion and Charnande. All four are service professionals and have also created cocktails of their very own.

Elodie praises this experience: “By practicing mixology, Soizic encourages us to spread our wings and never rest on our laurels. It promotes innovation and introduces us to new flavour sensations”.

So ladies, what cocktail would you recommend?

Laura confides that her favourite is the Opera with its lovely blue lagoon colour. Just mix vodka, lemon juice, cane sugar, Curacao, tonic and make a toast!

Charnande draws her inspiration from her Caribbean origins and recommends a piña colada! A classic in every sense of the word, and delicious every time!

For Marion, the Pisco Sour tops the list for its exotic flair and summery flavours!

The Grand Hôtel Bar is waiting to welcome you!