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Icy summer treats

Discover the grand classics of our artisan ice-cream maker Philippe Faur

The summer sun once more shines on Paris, warming the terrace tables! Have you stopped by yet for a refreshing Café de la Paix Ice Cream?

With family or friends, any occasion is the right one for a delicious break, seated across from the Garnier Opera house.

This exclusive offer received high praise from the Figaroscope magazine which claims the Café de la Paix café liégeois is the second best in Paris!

And that’s not all...

If you’re in too much of a hurry to stop and sit down, you can still enjoy the Café de la Paix ice cream cart.

Discover one of the grand classics (café liégeois, banana split, peach Melba) of our artisan ice-cream maker Philippe Faur, or an ice-cream cone to savour on your stroll.

Ice creams

Café Liégeois (Coffee and vanilla ice cream, espresso coffee gelée, whipped cream)

Peach Melba (White peach sorbet and vanilla ice cream, red currant gelée, poached peach, whipped cream)

Banana split (Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream, banana, chocolate sauce, whipped cream)

Opéra Parisien (Vanilla ice cream, strawberries, meringue, strawberry sauce, whipped cream, slivered almonds)

Red Raspberry (Raspberry sorbet, pistachio ice cream, raspberry sauce, fresh raspberry, whipped cream, caramelised pistachios)

Light, Bubbly and Sparkling  (Lemon, mango and coconut sorbet, exotic fruit sauce, pomegranate juice, Perrier sparkling water)


Ice cream cart

Sorbet: White Peach, Lemon, Mango, Strawberry

Ice cream: Coffee, Vanilla, Caribbean Chocolate, Pistachio 

16€ ice-cream dessert, 3€ ice-cream cone.

Everyday from 11am to midnight.