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Laurent André presents the new Brunch

Chef Laurent André has decided to reassert the identity of this iconic Parisian moment. Parisians need not fear, their Sundays can still be spent at the Café de la Paix Grand Brunch enjoying an abundant variety of favourite food.

In fact, he declares: “Together with my crew, we wanted to reimagine the Brunch buffet. We focused on helping our clients to navigate easily through this profusion of products and flavours.”

In fact, the Brunch will be laid out by theme. The Farm stand, for example, will offer a wide range of cheeses and cold cuts. Then, you will follow the French coast to discover seafood prepared by our Oyster Bar. Next stop, the garden stand, piled high with fresh fruit, before heading for one of our live cooking events, there’s something new every week! Clients looking for lighter alternatives will take a turn at the central salad bar, while a Lebanese stand will attract its share of clients with Fattoush salad and a choice of hummus.

Of course, your Brunch would not be complete without throwing down anchor at the dessert corner where a multitude of sweets are displayed around a Chocolate Fountain and fresh dipping fruit.

Brunch has taken on the air of a country market, featuring conviviality and exchange. Laurent André explains: “Our clients love special events. These create interaction between themselves and our employees; they are then immersed in a fun and unique experience. It is not only a place to eat, but a gastronomic journey”. 

Children are also privileged guests. They will dig into a selection of burgers and sandwiches created especially for their taste and appetite.


Practical information:

Served every Sunday, from 12:30 – 3:30 pm     Booking at +33 (0)1 40 07 36 36

€94 per person including a glass of rosé Champagne.

50% off for children under 12 years old. Free for children under 3.

Live music and children’s area themed on Paris.