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Nov 21, 2019

Christmas Pearls at Café de la Paix

Christmas pearls at Café de la Paix

Sophie de Bernardi, the pastry chef at Café de la Paix, has created a Christmas creation based on the flavours of her childhood. Alsatian, the 29-year-old woman decided to work with rosehip. This berry, very rich in vitamin C, picked in Alsace since the Middle Ages, has an incomparable taste: both sweet and sour, it is generally enjoyed as a jam.

Once the first domes have been tasted, we discover a chocolate shortbread and crispy chocolate-goji sauce as a support; an ideal snack to accompany the coffee. As for the Christmas balls, they consist of a vanilla mousse with a rosehip insert and a sponge cake soaked in vanilla syrup. They are then coated with a thin layer of Ruby chocolate (naturally pink chocolate thanks to its bean).

Information & Reservations:
75€ for 6 people
The Christmas yule log is available at the restaurant or to takeaway (order 48 hours in
advance) from December 16 to 25 . /