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Fashion Pastry

Pebble Cake 

The world of creation, fashion and design has joined Café de la Paix!

Designer Stéphane Rolland, known for his sense of graphic design, his artistic and architectural influences, has concocted an exclusive pastry for the Café de la Paix: the Pebble Cake.

Stéphane Rolland’s brainchild was brought to life by the skilled magic of Dominique Costa, head pastry chef at the Café de la Paix, giving birth to the most sumptuous dessert to be found anywhere in Paris. Presented in the form of a pebble that will set chocolate-lovers’ mouths watering, this nugget filled with black gold is made up of a Breton butter biscuit and a creamy mousse with bittersweet liquid centre, the whole coated with an ever-so-thin chocolate shell wrapped in gold leaf.

Our Pebble Cake is available on the Menus and the Café de la Paix will also be serving two Ronnefeldt teas, specially selected to complement the pastry’s flavours: Cream Orange and Earl Grey Bergamote.