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A bright red meal!

Pursuing his culinary tour de France presenting regional products and menus, Laurent André sees red… or rather, red tomatoes. In fact, he can’t get enough of them!

The Chef continues to meet French producers far and wide, uncovering singular products and ensuring the very best quality for our clients!

For an all-tomato menu, Bruno Cayron is the man of the hour! This fruit and vegetable lover runs a farm near Tourves (Var), in the sunny south of France. He is an expert in biodynamic agriculture. This method of farming advocates a return to traditional agricultural methods to improve food quality as well as guarantee optimal soil quality for future generations.

And since all good products deserve careful and skilful treatment, Laurent André and his team deftly prepare the tomato in a variety of delicious shapes and forms!

Choose one–or more!–of their tomato dishes on the Café de la Paix à la carte menu from May 31st to June 18, 2017


Act 1

Tomato soup with bread

Espuma de buratta, parmesan crumble and a dash of basil

Act 2


from Burgundy, cherry tomatoes, herb and almond butter

Act 3

Stuffed “Corne de bœuf” tomatoes

 Lucien Tendret style

White Rice from the Camargue region

Act 4

Strawberry / Tomato

Tomatoes in vanilla gelée, tartar of Gariguette strawberries,