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The festivities continue at the Grand Hôtel!

In January, we hail the three kings… 

For Epiphany, Pastry Chef Dominique Costa has created a King Cake inspired by the famous French apple dessert, Tarte Tatin. This all new recipe is made using a special puff pastry technique and a delicious combination of almond cream and Manzana apple custard topped with caramelized apples. The smooth, rich cream sets off the crisp flavour of the Manzana and the delicious sweetness of the tatin-style apples. Covered with a star-shaped puff pastry, and crowned with macadamia nuts and almonds… a delight for all the senses!

Practical information:

The King Cake can be enjoyed in the restaurant or at home

Ordered in the restaurant: €14 per piece

Take-away: €48 for 6-person cake