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Spring or the renaissance of flavour

Spring sunshine gently warms 19th century façades, and the tables of the Café de la Paix. The time has come to present our spring menu featuring the very best of the season.

Chef Laurent André focused on a dual objective for this menu: working as much as possible with French products, but especially products whose flavours peak in the spring. For Laurent André, this “made in France” policy asserts the veritable identity of the Café de la Paix.

Spring is also a time of renewal. And nature offers a renaissance of flavour in the form of asparagus, peas, early mushrooms such as morels…

But Laurent André doesn’t stop there. He calls on cattle farms for their renowned Aubrac beef and French fishermen for hake or Corsican sea bass, all featured on this springtime menu.

This is his way of spotlighting the scope of French culinary products: “I thank local producers every day for providing such diversity and constantly upholding our heritage,” confides the Chef.

New dishes can be sampled this spring, including roasted hake, served with peas and “Clamart-style” braised artichokes or feuilleté of white asparagus from Provence and hollandaise sauce with orange peel…

For dessert, favourites such as the millefeuille and Opéra cake are still on the menu, but Dominique Costa has also added new choices such as a Muesli sablé biscuit sprinkled with raspberries and crystallized violets.

Winter dishes have been set aside, making way for lighter fare. But these changes are the result of year-round reflection and planning by Laurent André. He explains that “Changing the menu four times a year is quite a feat; our team must constantly adapt its dishes to meet client demand and seasonal availability.”

The Chef Laurent André draws his inspiration from his many travels and encounters with countless producers. Above and beyond orchestrating his brigade, he must also infuse each new dish with his insight and emotion.